Create a Zen Bathroom

zen bathroom

Our last post discussed how to create a zen bedroom. Today we will cover another room in your home. Your bathroom.

Your bathroom in your home should be peaceful and serene. This is key to create a zen bathroom. This is one room you should be able to escape to in your home and feel at peace and 100% relaxation.

There are several ways to ensure your bathroom has a zen feel to it. We will provide a few tips on how to create a zen bathroom you will love:


There is sometimes a tendency to “over design” a room. You should not do this in your bathroom if your intent is to create a zen atmosphere.

Hang just one picture on the wall since another wall will have a mirror on it. The mirror plus one piece of artwork is enough for a zen appearance. You want the artwork to be the focal point of the room perhaps displayed across from the toilet in the bathroom.

You should leave the vanity clear of décor and leave any additional furniture or wide items out of the room.


If this is part of a bathroom remodel, we recommend the bathtub be place right underneath a large window. This will let you open the window and be one with nature as you relax in the warm bathtub. There is nothing more zen than a warm bath in a serene bathroom in your home.

Include one small plant somewhere in the décor. This could be a tall plant on the floor next to the vanity or a small bamboo plant or table plant for a shelf.


Paint the walls in a very light and soothing tone. You should also decorate with white towels and tan or brown accessories. A zen bathroom will not feature bold accents or décor but rather subdued tones and colors such as sand or taupe.


There should be an open flow to the bathroom. You want wide open paths for walking or caring for your personal needs in the room. You should feel very free in this space, not claustrophobic.

These are just a few tips to create a zen bathroom you will feel at peace in in your home. Visit again for more décor ideas.

Create a Zen Bedroom


You want every room in your home to put your mind at ease. Your home is a place to relax and feel comfortable.

No room should be more peaceful and relaxing than your bedroom. You should decorate your bedroom with this in mind.

Our decorating tips will help you create a calm, peaceful bedroom for you to retire too after a long day:


Leave excessive amounts of décor and furnishings for other rooms in your home. The idea of “less is more” should apply to your bedroom. Minimalism is much more peaceful and relaxing than clutter is. Only add one or two pictures on the walls of your bedroom and have as little furniture as necessary to store your clothing and other personal items.


Invest in the most comfortable and most-plush bed and bedding you can afford. A good night’s sleep is so important to both your physical health and your mental well-being. If the choice is behind a larger TV screen or a more comfortable mattress, we recommend purchasing the mattress as well as cozy sheets and plush pillows too! Purchase as many pillows as you feel you need for maximum comfort as you sleep.


Consider installing a dimmer switch in your bedroom in order to leave the lighting level at something more soothing in the evening hours. You should also have a bedside table with a small table lamp on it as another option for dim but functional lighting in the bedroom.


You want to install carpet in your bedroom for a cushioned and comfortable step and you might consider going one step further and placing area rugs on top of the carpet throughout the room. This will double the cushioning of the floor. You should purchase a shag rug or or a rug with a thick pad for extra comfort.


A soothing scent is essential for relaxation in the bedroom. The most popular Essential Oil for relaxation is Lavender and we recommend you purchase a bottle and a diffuser for your bedroom. Letting the scent of Lavender fill the air in your bedroom as you sleep is extremely soothing and beneficial to the quality of your night’s sleep.

Implement these design tips for a zen bedroom in your home that will help you relax after a long day and more importantly, help you enjoy a sound night of sleep that will energize your mind and your soul for the next day.