Cleaning is Zen


Décor and interior design are key components to creating a zen living space for yourself and for your family. But there is one element that is even more important and that is a consistent cleaning routine in your home.

There is nothing less zen than dirt or clutter. You cannot possibly retreat to a peaceful state and serene comfort in a dirty home or disorganized space. You must clean often and diligently in order to preserve the zen qualities of your home.

Here are our suggestions for zen cleaning in your home:

The Bathroom

After you create a zen bathroom, you must clean it.

You must scrub the shower tiles in the bathroom every week in order to prevent scum and bacteria from building up in the grout.

You must scrub the bathtub itself and scrub and hand wash the tile floors of the bathroom too.

And of course, the toilet must be cleaned one time each week if not more often to prevent build up of bacteria.

The Kitchen

Your zen kitchen won’t be zen without deep cleaning of all of the appliances and surfaces in the room.

You will need to clean out the refrigerator every month and throw out old or expired food and liquids. You should do the same for the oven in the kitchen too. It should be deep cleaned each month.

Wipe down countertops multiple times each day and use disinfectant products and bleach to eliminate germs and bacteria.

You should also clean all of your dishes immediately after use and return the dishes to their proper storage space. Build-up of dirty dishes is unsightly clutter that is not zen.

The Bedroom

Your bed should be made each morning as part of your daily cleaning routine. You should also remove all dirty clothes and other clutter from the floor in the bedroom for an open space.

You should wash sheets and other bedding one time every week and change the bedding entirely each new season of the year.

Be sure to vacuum the carpet in the room multiple times every week. This will remove dirt and debris from the surface of the carpet. But you will still want to schedule deep carpet cleaning often too. This should be done every 12 months at a minimum. You can learn more about why professional carpet cleaning is so important from Chem-Dry of Snowy Range.

You will also want to wash the windows in the bedroom one time each month and organize the closts in the bedroom too. You should throw out or donate old clothes and items you no longer use to free up living space in the bedroom and declutter the environment.

Additional Zen Cleaning Tips:

  • Wear slippers or socks indoors. Shoes and bare feet will create soiling and stains on the floor in your home.
  • Open windows for recirculation of air and the removal of allergens and dust.
  • Install a HEPA air filter to trap allergens and dust in the air.

These cleaning tips will help preserve the zen qualities of your home and its design and will maintain a peaceful retreat to enjoy serenity.